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#yallreadyforthis #mybodyisready #filmbant

"You crave the deepest connections with others, but you don’t trust to let anyone in."

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My birthday cake :3 #lovemymum #18
Love my beautiful gally :* #18th #dinner


Distorted portraits painted onto prints of ink drawings

ooh look its my face

Christmas 2013
love this girl so much
Cheeky selfie time…
I’m on the far left..
I miss Barcelona so much…
me with Concept :)
I’m the short girl at the front :)
Barcelona 2012 :’)

omfg basically in french we’re doing les medias and we were talking about favourite films and of course i mentioned les choristes (and my undying love for jean-baptiste maunier and how he may or may not have been the deciding factor when choosing to do french as a subject)

my french teacher then told us this story about how she was in Lyon on an exchange trip in 2004 and she’d gone to see the film the first day it came out and the next day she was just walking about in Lyon and she suddenly sees jean-baptiste getting on a motorbike and so she asks him if she can take a picture and he was like yeah sure so she has a picture of him getting a motorbike and she was like yeah girls i’ll send it to you all

so now i have a picture of jbm aged 14 on the back of a motorbike and he’s pulling a slightly surprised face and i’m dying because he’s still fucking perfect and fghbjniuhghbjnuh

its now my desktop background

don’t judge me 

(ps i’m not allowed to post it, sorry :/)

9 A’s and an A*.. quite proud of myself :)

but three of those A’s are borderline A* (including drama which was one off an A*) so fingers crossed they’ll go up when I get them remarked.. 

Izzy (left) and I (right)