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i like to tell people when i need to go pee

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I belong in your arms at any hour truthfully.


laugh your ass off here

Lucan by Ash Kingston

ahh Lucan goes to my school aha bless

"Always go after her. No matter how mad she seems. She loves you more than words can tell."

- {a.d.a} (via exquisite-calamity)

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Peter Kaaden

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"The point of life is getting shit done and being happy."

- Kanye West, GQ Magazine (via kimkanyekimye)

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Sat, Jan 8, 7:07 pm
I want to kiss you so badly but if your tongue is as sharp as your words I know I’ll lose a lot of blood and we both know I can’t afford to lose anything else right now

Mon, March 11, 12:16 am
I’ve been sleeping in the old t-shirts you forgot were hidden in the back of my closet and drinking down everything that reminds me of you and my heart is flooding

Mon, March 11, 12:17 am
I’m trying to tell you I miss you

Sun, April 19, 4:26 am
You poured yourself into me and my veins burst but it still hurts less than sleeping without you

Tues, June 19, 6:17 pm
I bought cherry Chapstick so that every time I lick my lips I taste the night we spent out by the lake when you tied a cherry stem with your tongue and spit it into the water and I drowned along with it

Tues, June 19, 6:20 pm
I hate cherries


- 6 texts I almost sent you  (via extrasad)


Kendall Jenner in “Bass” by Phil Poynter for Love Magazine #12, July 2014.

Jac Jagaciak by James Macari for Vogue Mexico, August 2014.